Who Is Working With I Am the Word? (Part 2: I See You)

The Divine as Betsy sees the Divine as You.

One of the main things I learned from being an admin for the Facebook group is that it’s incredibly diverse on almost every variable. Everyone here is having an intimate inner experience with these teachings, and we’re all at different stages of personal development and confidence in using what we know.

Before six months ago, however, I hardly spoke with anyone about that.

I’m a silent-attunement kind of person. I’ve always sensed subtle energies and been confident in my knowing. Learning the methods taught by the Guides has made me better at interpreting these abilities and using them to navigate the world, and I use these techniques all the time within the various pursuits of my life.

However, apart from a few confidants and my engagement with this group, I never felt the need to talk about it. The scope of my in-person conversations has always been compartmentalized among the many different worlds I inhabit. In most situations, the topic of subtle energy attunements just never comes up.

That changed for me last September when I began interviewing potential blog writers. Since then, I’ve been tossing around ideas and experimenting with attunements for six months with my squad here. Many of them (you) have done extensive consciousness exploration. Our members here regularly amaze me with their readiness to use their self-knowing.

I’ve had to up my game. I now pay more attention to discern my sensory experience, and I’ve become more confident communicating my interpretation of reality. I’m also getting better at writing about it, as I’m doing here.

Individuals Witness Individuals

When I first read what the Guides teach about the power of Witnessing, I realized that I’m someone who intuitively did that already. I now have the vocabulary and the confidence to do that here with you, and that’s what my next blog post is. Before I do that, however, I want to discuss individuality.

When you think about witnessing, who is doing the witnessing, and who is being witnessed? The simplicity and the narrow scope of the Guides’ teachings might lead you to believe that we’re all just amorphous blobs of Word sensing other amorphous blobs of Word. But we’re obviously not that. We’re individuals.

The “Divine As you” is a concept that is taught throughout the books (particularly The Book of Truth). The Divine AS Betsy means I’m using two parts of myself. It means that my higher Self is USING the individuality that arises from having a body.

The reason I bring this up is because the push to connect with your higher Self can make it easy to forget that the separate and individualized traits of your small self are important too. The Guides refer to them as “the equipment you have as a physically manifested being” (pg 284 of The Book of Truth). I like to remind people that the Guides don’t have fingers to type and the Guides don’t have a wifi connection, but you do. They can’t do anything on the internet without us. They also didn’t invest the years that you did inside YOUR infant and childhood body to get to where you are today, to have the resources to explore your life of motion, time, space, and sensations.

The Guides’ Collective

In a previous post, I called us The Guides’ Collective; and I’ll elaborate here. Unlike other channeled materials authored by a driving “personality” that’s attached to a particular outcome, the Guides attend to the readers’ human bodies and minds (even their future minds) to determine what this collective needs, what words and energies should come through Paul onto the pages. It seems to me that we hired them and they hired us before we were born. If you’re reading the books, then you’re also participating in the creation of the books. We’re learning to use the part of ourselves that knows what that means.

Even so, there’s another part of you that understands that this collective is merely a social organization made by people. We support Paul Selig and encourage him to produce these books, and we enjoy spending time reading (and doing) them and communing with others who are also reading (doing) them. We co-create our common earthly realities, and the glue that binds us together is our species’ capacity to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate. These practicalities are fundamental to any human endeavor.

My List

To demonstrate and clarify all these ideas, I’ve put together a categorized list of the individuals in The Guides’ Collective and what I see them doing. I hope it gives you a more vivid understanding of my perspective.

I should mention that in order to write this list, I AM using my individualized problem-solving brain, my typing-fingers with one short thumb, and my social status as Editor In Chief of this website in accord (a chord ;) with my time, the computer I own, and my internet access to manifest this list for you, my co-creators on this venture. In other words, the Divine as Betsy sees the Divine as You.

Also, I know this is not a comprehensive list, but I hope that many of you find yourselves in my descriptions and know that I see you. I’ll update the list if I get feedback about whom I forgot!

My next Blog Post:

Betsy’s Imperfect List of Who Is Working With I Am the Word (aka The Guides’ Collective)

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