Wording As Silence

“The name of God without sound is who and what you are when even the form you

have taken has moved beyond language or the name things have been used to

codify expression.”

~Beyond the Known: Realization (p.97)

My journey of working with the Guides has been anything but consistent. Sometimes I am so full of wonder I am just bursting to express it all. But other times, it is just quiet. It’s a nice quiet to be sure, but my impulse is simply to be.

I have spent the last few days waiting to plan my next blog entry but not finding a direction, mostly because I am in that quiet place. Often when I am getting ready to write, I’ll set an intention for inspiration and, sure enough, the words will start bubbling over until I can commit them to the page. Not so this time. So here I am, committing silence to the page. Will it work? Let’s find out.

I’ve been crafting with words for as long as I can remember. Socially shy, I am able to open up and reach out through writing. It feels good; when I hit a rich vein of expression, sentences flow, leaving my whole being super charged and satisfied.

What happens though when the thing to be expressed transcends language? I don’t have characters on my keyboard for this; just a deep quiet that travels through my mind and into the deeper chambers of this thing I regard as self.

Funny then that we call this way of affirming and meditation Wording. Having written that, of course I am now quite apprehensive, knowing I don’t have an easy way to solve that puzzle. But I do know some of the most profound teachings from all kinds of spiritual traditions come to us through paradox. Everything is nothing; and nothing is everything. Language is inadequate for describing the grand expanse that is God; I am the Word.

Ultimately, language, despite the many ways it can soar, is limiting. If our goal is to transcend our history and find the Truth beyond it, we just can’t get all the way there with vocabulary that is based in our experiences. The meanings of blue or mother, home or sky may bring up so many different memory and sensory connections for me than they do for you. It means I cannot give you the full picture of the place where I seem to stand. Consider the struggles in our society to give appropriate and sensitive labels to all the different ways folks identify. Words never ride in without a backpack full of associations.

We see the same struggle in speaking about God. We can stumble, looking for the most comfortable label that flows with the least cultural baggage: God, Universe, Source, Gaia, Yahweh … Me. It may not flow easily because it involves taking the idea of a great mysterious expanse and distilling it to mere syllables. We may tiptoe around the concepts we fear would trigger another or fail to deliver the totality of which we are speaking.

I began with a quote which brings us back to how to Word silence. It affirms God as transcendent of language, beyond expression.

So today I am using my words to call us to a place of peace: that in-between-the-breaths space where we let the words just pass by until we find the quiet. I think that’s where the good stuff hangs out, our connection with all that moves past language: an utter bond with silence, a lovely connection to our higher selves, to Source, wrapped in a delicious blanket of peace.

God is. God is. God is!

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