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The Wording Kiosk
Practice Wording on Zoom

Practice Wording is included in the Wording Workshop Small Groups. This page describes how we do it.

Prepare to exercise your wording muscles in this active session! Word with a partner in a breakout room that only lasts for 3 minutes. We'll do as many pairings as we can, round-robin style, during the allotted time.

Keep reading to learn more.

Practice Wording in Small Groups: About

The Wording Kiosk on Zoom

This practice session will give each participant a demonstration of what people can do when they have learned to deliberately use their expanded consciousness. It’s an exercise class to hone your focus of intent, your perception of bodily sensations and etheric space, and your discernment of vibration, so prepare to be active.

We will be using the attunement and witnessing techniques taught in the three books: I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth channeled by Paul Selig. Familiarity with Paul Selig’s books is a prerequisite to participate in the session. It's ok if you can't remember the exact words to use. We'll provide simple prompts and you can bring your notes.

It’s important to note that the PEOPLE attending the session will be doing all the energetic work using their own access to consciousness and frequency.  You're doing it!  You're not dependent on anything outside yourself to navigate the world of subtle energy in this way. 

This is an online adaptation of an exercise that the Guides teach in the books (pg 137 & 218 of I Am the Word) and at in-person workshops.  Exploring frequency in this way helps you trust your empathic feelings so you can learn to better discern your own experience.

Practice Wording in Small Groups: Text

What To Expect

At the beginning of each session, the coach leads the group in an opening attunement to Word through yourselves and Welcome each other to The Wording Kiosk. Participants arriving after the Welcome attunement will not be admitted.

The coach will then provide directions and answer your questions before pairing you with another participant in your own Zoom breakout room.  

In the breakout room, you’ll have 2-5 minutes (depending on the session) to introduce yourselves and take turns wording through each other.  Then you’ll return to the main group to discuss your observations before having a second pairing with a different person.  

Beginners may remain in the main room with the coach if they prefer.  Participants may leave their breakout room and return to the main room at any time.

Practice Wording in Small Groups: Text

Sequence of Events in the Breakout Rooms

1 - Introduce yourselves: names, locations, preferred pronouns

2 - Decide who will be first to perform the attunements as the other observes and receives.

3 - First person words through the second person

4 - Second person words through the first person

5 - Thank each other and share your observations. 

Notes and Guidelines:

To ensure the best experience for all our members, listen to your partner’s observations without interpreting or analyzing their experience.

When it’s your turn, you may want to attune yourself first before performing that attunement through the other person.

You have around one minute per turn. Expect to get through approximately three phrases, then pass the baton or take a pause to share your observations.  

We suggest you keep it simple.  Start with the basic attunements taught in the first three books.  You may want to repeat the Welcome sequence Through your partner.  As you get comfortable, experiment with other frequencies as you feel called.

You don’t have to recite the phrases perfectly.  As you gain confidence, you will learn to adapt the language to your own personal style.

Practice Wording in Small Groups: Text

The Welcome Attunement

Each session begins with brief introductions, and then we perform the Welcome Attunement together. The coach will first ask participants to mute their microphones. She/he will then say "repeat after me" to instruct everyone to perform this attunement in order to establish a high vibration for the session.

The attunement itself is simple.  It begins with the three-phrase wording sequences taught in I Am the Word and The Book of Knowing and Worth.  This is followed by, "Welcome to the Wording Kiosk," which is performed with energetic intention to connect all the participants in high vibration for the duration of the session and to automatically disconnect when the session has ended.

The Guides call this basic wording sequence the Invocation of Embodiment (pg 8 in Realization).

To claim "Welcome" as an attunement is taught on page 50 and 51 of The Book of Knowing and Worth.

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Practice Wording in Small Groups: Text
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