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Hello, I’m Patricia. I found Paul’s books when he was interviewed by Bob Olson of Afterlife TV many years ago. (My mother passed too young in 2007, and I was not satisfied with ‘answers’ I heard from ‘church’, hence, my journey for answers of the afterlife, even tho I have always had a strong spiritual life.) I believe Paul had 3 books published by that time, but hearing the interview, knew I had to read book one and go from there. I am amazed how many times I read something and said, ‘Yes! I knew that from when I was a kid!’ and, ‘I know this!’, or something similar. I also have read Fr. Richard Rohr’s ‘The Universal Christ’ - there are similar ‘knowings’ and ideas shared by these two gentlemen. Christ is not a historical person’s last name; Christ Is All.

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Patricia G

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