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My fellow students of the Guides, I just wanted to take a few moments to say how grateful I am to be walking this road of realization with all of you. I stumbled across Paul's website in January of 2019 when I found myself with a deep hunger for spirituality because of some personal issues I was facing. I looked through the free content on his website and was intrigued. I checked his seminar schedule and wouldn't you know it, he was due to appear in San Diego (where I live) that very weekend (gotta love how the Universe works these synchronicities). I attended that weekend seminar not having read any of the books. I asked a question during the seminar and when Paul tuned in to me my whole body was jolted with a powerful surge of energy. I received a powerful healing of a deep wound that I didn't even consciously recognize at the time. These two experiences launched me on the road I've been following ever since. I devoured the books. The profound teachings the Guides are bringing through Paul have forever altered the trajectory of my life. They will forever alter the trajectory of our collective existence. I am so grateful for the Guides for the blessings of these teachings. I am so grateful for Paul for making himself available to bring us this amazing course in the realization of the divine in humanity. I am so grateful for all of you for walking this road with me. Yes, the teachings are challenging at times. More importantly, they have brought forth profound love, peace, joy, and sheer wonder through their experiential nature. I am Word through my gratitude. I am Word through all I see before me. Word I am Word.


Rob Williams

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