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After attending one of Paul’s workshops in Austin, I started reading the books and have completed all up to Alchemy at this point.

My presence at his workshop was a synchronicity I still cannot explain, but completely understand, and now trust.

Two days before the Austin workshop, I received an email confirmation reminding me I was registered to attend, which I though was curious

because I had never heard of him, nor did I have much interest in channeling. I was planning to ignore it, but something made me check, and apparently, I had paid $100 to be there! I truly do NOT renember doing that! Even more curious, I looked him up on You Tube and thought the whole thing looked a bit bizarre. Why did I sign up for that? Spirit will have its way!

Something in me knew why, so I went. I bought The Word and Realization and started reading...non-stop.

I now know that my preparation for these teachings started around 2008 when I had what I can only explain as a ”vision” where I saw the deconstruction of my ”then” life and identity constructs. I was in a sealed glass tube that came from above and I felt complete safety as I watched the ”world” blow away. I heard a voice, and the words ” You Are Free” were spoken to me. I did not know what that meant until now.

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